Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch was just announced!

The next game of Super Smash Bros. is coming this year 2018 for the new console Nintendo Switch and we, the creators of the fansite SmashBros-Miiverse, are back to bring you again all the info about the future game!

Check the characters confirmed so far and give us your opinions on our poll about who are the mysterious shadows from the first trailer here:


- Splatoon -
Are you a Kid or Squid?
The inklings join the battle for the first time with their female and male design from the first Splatoon!


- Super Mario Bros. -
Who doesn’t know who Mario is?
Since originally starring in the Donkey Kong arcade game as "Jumpman," Mario has appeared in countless video games, becoming Nintendo’s mascot and gaming’s biggest icon.
Text by Matty8742 & SRush1991


- The Legend of Zelda -
Link is the main character and hero of The Legend of Zelda series and the holder of the Triforce of Courage.
Link is a warrior from Hyrule that over many generations has saved the Kingdom of Hyrule and Princess Zelda from the evil Ganondorf as well as several other incarnations of Demise's wrath.
Text by Matty8742 & Professor Squeaky

Give us your opinion about the shadows from the first trailer!

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